Monday, December 14, 2015

Blake Griffin Did Not Deserve An Ejection

When the Los Angles Clippers played at Chicago against the Bulls, Blake Griffin whacked Taj Gibson on the head while swiping for the ball and was ejected because the foul was deemed a flagrant 2.  In a different game, the Toronto Raptors' point guard, Kyle Lowry, throws an elbow that hits 76ers' power forward, Nerlens, Noel, right in the eye.  Lowry just gets a technical foul.
To me, Griffin should have been given a flagrant 1 since he at least attempted to make a play on the ball and he immediately held Gibson up after the foul.  On the other hand, Lowry made no attempt at the ball and thus should be given a flagrant 2.  It was unnecessary and excessive.
Now, here's ruling on flagrant fouls.
Flagrant 1: unnecessary contact committed by a player against an opponent.
Flagrant 2: unnecessary and excessive contact committed by a player against an opponent.
Other factors officials will look at to determine which foul to give include:
1) Severity of the contact
2) Whether or not the player was making a legitimate basketball play
3) Did the fouling arm have a wind up or follow through
4) Potential for injury (blow to head or was foul committed when player was in vulnerable position)
5) Severity of the injury suffered by the offended player
6) Finally, was there an altercation.
There's also a set of rules on elbows.  A technical foul is given only if the elbow was swung and misses.
According to these rules, I could see why Griffin was given a flagrant 2 because of #3 and #4, but the officials' call on Lowry was just terrible.

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