Saturday, November 22, 2014

Showboating Doesn't Win Points

In the most recent UFC Fight Night, there was a lightweight fight between Bobby Green and Edson Barboza.  Green had just come off a close win over top contender Josh Thompson in July.  Green was the slight favorite but in the end, Barboza won the fight by unanimous decision.  During the fight, Green was taunting Barboza about his lack of knock out power.  He had his hands low and waved his finger at Barboza after absorbing a strike.  Then Barboza landed a perfect spinning roundhouse to the back of Green's head.  Green managed to still remain standing, which is a testament to his durability.  However, Green did not land as many shots as Barboza.  You don't get points for taunting nor showboating.  You do get points for landing more hits or takedowns.  Green's corner told him to turn the fight into a street fight.  He didn't listen, kept the fight standing, and kept playing around.  So while Green may have been the better fighter, he lost because he never took the fight seriously and gave the match to his opponent.
Green had a big opportunity to move up the ranks, but he demonstrated that he didn't care for bigger fights and didn't care for the fans.  He may have had fun messing around, but he only hurt himself with those antics.

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